Event Itinerary

•   09:30 am to 09:55 am – Collect your entry badge and welcome kit from the registration Desk.

•   10:00 am to 10:05 am – Welcome and introduction (By Anckur )

•   10:05 am to 10:20 am – Orientation and Rupes history (By Stefano)

•   10:20 am to 10:50 am – Ten Polishing Variables (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   10:50 am to 11:10 am   – Bigfoot polishing system overview (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   11:10 am to 11:45 am   – Bigfoot Advanced techniques – The right bigfoot tool (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   11:45 am to 12:10 pm  – Gear Driven Technique (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   12:10 pm to 12:40 pm – Rotary technique (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   12:40 pm to 01:10 pm – Spot repair and edge work – Polishing (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   01:10 pm to 01:35 pm – Clear Coat Finish – Sanding (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   01:35 pm to 2:00 pm  – Spot repair and edge work – Sanding (By Jason Rose/Fabrizio)

•   03:00 pm to 04:30 pm – Hands on polishing session on 4 stations (Attendees shall be     divided in different groups and shall move around to all the stations to have their hands on     to all the tools and equipment. (By Jason Rose,Fabrizio, Stefano, Anckur – Present at each station)

•   04:15 pm to 04:30 pm  - Tea / Coffee Break

•   04:30 pm to 05:00 pm - Questions and Answers (By Jason Rose ,Stefano and Fabrizio)

•   05:00 pm to 05:25 pm - Certificate Distribution and Photos (By Jason Rose and Stefano)

•   05:25 pm to 05:30 pm - Thank You note


RUPES is 70 years old Italian Company, it was founded in 1947 in Milan. Since its inception, RUPES’ commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing has defined the company as a worldwide benchmark manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools, accessory items and vacuum systems. RUPES commitment to research and development has been the driving factor in the success of the company. The focus on designing and manufacturing products that are in total compliance with health and safety regulations and offer enhanced worker comfort defines each new product initiative. Over the last years RUPES has developed a wide number of patents and created several solutions, which have contributed to simplify today’s work and increasing performances.

Designing the future, for over 65 years Only those with a great legacy can drive the future. Our history is composed of achievements, challenges, ideas, and international successes. In 1951 the RUPES 123 Stork is launched and instantly becomes an international hit that sparked the continued evolution of existing machine tools. In 1962 RUPES introduced the new TP/PC drill, the first tool in the world with body in technical polymer instead of a traditional cast metals. The new plastic material reduced tool weight and improved electric insulation, becoming an international standard. Moreover, this material improved the worker safety, since it creates a double insulating protection with low weight and excellent durability. Next RUPES revolutionized the world of sanding by launching the first electric random orbital sander, BR 8 in 1968. To preserve the user’s safety, a dust removal system was integrated in all the RUPES sanders and in 1974 the first electric palm sander was introduced: The LE 7, a machine designed single handed operation. 1985 marked the introduction of new vacuum systems, both centralized and mobile. These systems were aimed at the removal of dust generated in smoothing processes, and developed the RUPES “Energy Car”, the first mobile trolleys equipped with vacuum, designed to be easily moved around the workplace. In the year 2000 RUPES earned another star of excellence for the full assembly line automation of the electric motor manufacturing process. 2008 represented a revolutionary change for orbital polishing. The creation of the LHR 150 with its 10 mm diameter random orbital movement, a larger orbit than had ever been seen before in this application. 2010 Under the brand BigFoot, the bar was set even higher in the world of car finishing and detailing. This new system offered random orbital polishers with 15mm and 21mm orbits, forever changing how technicians would approach the process of polishing and refinishing.


After last year’s extremely successful event in Bangalore, The Rupes Bigfoot International Seminar is back in New Delhi. Bigfoot brings a great opportunity for the car-detailers and car enthusiasts to learn about the world’s best detailing techniques, by the most celebrated team of trainers and technicians, like Mr. Jason Rose (Global Director of Training at Rupes USA), Mr. Fabrizio Gagliardi (Training Manager at Rupes), Mr. Stefano Santamaria (Regional Sales Director at Rupes) and Anckur Sama (Founder and CEO of In the Bigfoot event every car-detailer will get individual hands-on training which would help them learn the details about all the machinery and tools. The event would also honor every individual with the Rupes Bigfoot training certificate.



When it comes to international standard training, Jason Rose is a wizard! With over 20 years of experience and having worked at companies like Meguiars, he is the master force of guidance at Rupes USA. He studied Human Services/Psychology at California State University, Fullerton and started his career being a Global Technical Services and Training Manager in 1996. From 2015, he is the Global Director of Training at Rupes USA, consolidating the broadening of company’s vision.


A Naval Architect, More than 10 years in Marine business, 9 years in Power tools business (Dynabrade and Rupes) working in Aoem and aftermarket. He is the Regional Sales Director of RUPES, in charge of Italian market managing 16 sales guys on the field and more than 500 dealers. In charge of several international markets (among the others Turkey, Greece, Israel, Japan, India


Fabrizio Gagliardi a 39 year old talented Rupes trainer, is a chemist, has 3 years of experience in the detergent industry, 4 years experience in the industry of car refinishing paints, and 8 years of experience in wood paints. Fabrizio is now a successful training manager of Rupes.


Anckur has more than 12 years of experience in Car detailing industry of India. He is the Founder and CEO of (Importer and Distributor of Rupes Bigfoot). Anckur is Currently India's ace car detailer Certified by IDA (International Detailing Association) USA and trained from BigFoot Car Detailing Academy- Italy. Operates Rupes Authorised Training Centre at Surat, India. Anckur has loads of experience in helping 100's of entrepreneurs to open and operate professional car detailing outlets & studio's not only in India but also in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


The BigFoot is the Faultless result for the neophyte users or for the professionals searching for perfect finishing. The unique design typecast, makes BigFoot the most exclusive in the world of polishers. The world-class balance and insufficiency of vibration allows the users or the operators the complete control and it expands the transportability of the tool or the machinery during the polishing operation. The operator very easily handles the problematic areas such as Contours, Edges and the Conner’s in a steady and accordant manner and motion. It ensures with the maximum comfort to the operator and to the user. This was the most important aspect taken by Rupes technicians. This modernized polishing technique is a revolutionary method that is made to reduce the polishing time. It also helps creating Hologram-free surface area. The traditional polishing system, includes multi steps of cutting, polishing and hologram removal, the Bigfoot system simplifies the process as it has combined all the 3 major steps in just one single step. The peerless design results in a stable tool that is light in weight and which results in delivering all the required power in bringing out a world-class finishing. With the new and advanced tool the polishing becomes easy and helps achieving great result.


Date : 26th September 2018   |   Time : 09:30 AM TO 05:30 PM
Gates Open at 09:30 AM and closes at 09:55 AM


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