Sandeep Modi (Director)

He’s the Boss, but not bossy. We’ll simply call him the Gyaani Guru (He has all the insights about industry and networking). Engineer by education, he took his dream of being an entrepreneur in the year 2002 and converted them into U&I Resources Pvt. Ltd., a company that has achieved so much in a decade due to his vision and tremendous hard work.

Chintan Gandhi (CEO)

MBA in Entrepreneurship with Major in Marketing from Nirma University, he is the one responsible for executing strategies at U&I Resources. As an Internet buff, Chintan is always finding ways to try out latest industry trends in every new project. The only time you would find him without his laptop would be when he plays Badminton (National level badminton player).

Samir Pradhan (CEO)

When it comes to Sales, he is the sole person that comes to our mind. With great support and vast knowledge in this field he tends to grow his team professionally and skilfully. With 10+ years of experience he landed up being in the Partnership with U&I Brand Solutions. Apart from work what makes him busy is keeping up with the updates on International Current Affairs, Horse riding and Mythological Reading.

S. K. Sharma (COO)

At 63 years of age, he might be the eldest at the firm but he is still the youngest at heart. With uncountable years of experience in multiple companies like Gujarat Gas and PepsiCo, he is an asset to the company and looks after the most serious affairs of the company.

Paresh G. Bhatt (Executive Director)

An MBA (Sales and Marketing), Mr Paresh G. Bhatt has a treasure of experience of over 25 years in the area of contract manufacturing, distribution and process designing. Mr Paresh has a wisdom of working with India’s top leading brands. Also known as the ‘Man of Contact’, he believes in leading by example and not become a mere follower.

Preeti More (Sr. Graphic Designer)

After getting her Advance Diploma in Commercial Arts and Certification as a Graphic Designer, began Preeti’s journey into the world of creativity that has already completed 9 years in the industry. Diligently working her way up through the years, she is self driven with adaptations of over 200 advertising campaigns under her belt.

Deep Marsoniya (Supervisor Events)

Always running Overtime!! He’s never off duty. Too distracted with things. Qualified in Automobile Engineering and having a gala time with his passion of event management. This TV Buff is either found working more than the capacity and capabilities or found watching Kapil Sharma and chilling on his chair with a cup of coffee.

Vijay Kanani (Business Manager)

Tea Addict, he’s works hands on as an event coordinator and business manager for our event division. When not planning and managing event details, he’s quite the multitasker – researcher, thinker, planner, and master editor of videos.

Apurv Patel (Web Designer)

He is your typical funny guy a work who loves Bollywood and Cricket. With a post-graduate degree in MSCIT (Master of Science in Information Technology), he entered a world of coding and templates. After joining U& I, he has been busy creating and revamping many of our websites.

Kelin George (Content Writer)

The most docile woman of our organisation as a “Content Writer”, Qualified as MA in English Literature. All she needs is a book and a cuppa coffee – she’s a fanatical reader. Also a real time action filmophile. Always high on words – Humari Shahi Tharoor. You are a nincompoop if you ever think of competing our Grammar Naazi.

Apoorva Srivastav (Client Coordinator)

She is the perfect blend of beauty with brain. Our overall achiever is a bio-tech engineer and also a fashion designer. She recently won the title of Mrs Galaxy Queen 2018. She is the calm in the storm, being the Client co-ordinator, she knows how well to handle the clients and her colleagues. if you test her patience, dilli wala roop dikhadegi.

Arif Charaniya (Graphic Designer)

Our rockstar designer without speaking and listening turns his visualization and thoughts to a design that fascinates everybody. Turning his weakness into his strength our graphic designer who is studying diploma in animation and visual effects is ready to set his mark in the industry. Not only fast and serious at work he is also a great sketch artist with a great sense of sensibility. Takes time to trust, but once a friend always a friend.

Vinay Yadav (Graphic Designer)

His name is enough “Vinay – The calm and quiet soul”. You’ll never come to know his real personality, coz sometimes he is nana pategar and sometimes shartugan Sinha. These days he is being NavazzudinSiddiqqui. “Hum kahrahehaina eh aadmismjh ma naahiayega”. A BSC in Animation and VFX by qualification, is always engrossed in his work but when it comes to entertainment, the whole office is blown by his great timing for humour. He is a pool of talent.

Abhishek Navathe (Content Writer)

Meet him, a copy writer by day, and a super Bollywood fan by night. Did his graduation in engineering, but passion called and became a copy writer by profession. He doesn’t really believe in the idea of “read more books to gain more creativity” but does write a mean short story scripts. He only converses in movie dialogues aur sirf bhaav khata hai,khana nahi!